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What Inspires Me

This little woodland robin is inspired by a little something I wrote recently about taking some time out to myself and actively finding things that inspire me. I’m always so inspired by nature and wildlife, which I’m sure is pretty obvious … Continue reading

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Forest of Mushrooms

The ‘Forest of Mushrooms’ series captures a wildwood full of growth, minute life forms and woodland creatures comprised in a palette of warm autumn tones. The series explores undergrowths of mushroom species and invertebrates, focusing on minuscule details of life … Continue reading

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Brunswick Street Gallery Exhibition

  Melbourne folk! I have an upcoming exhibition at Brunswick Street Gallery in Fitzroy! I’ll be part of this group show along side some very talented creatives! Opening night is the 21 April at 6pm, so be sure to come … Continue reading

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Frequently Ask Questions

What medium do you use? I primarily use traditional mediums of graphite and coloured pencil as well as inks, watercolour and acrylic paint. My work varies from illustration, painting and printmaking depending on my mood. But for the last few … Continue reading

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Creative Process

After going through my studio, I realised I have neglected a few pieces to the point where I completely forgot they existed… eek! It got me thinking of my creative process and how I work. I also made a quick … Continue reading

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The Garden Tea Party

“The Garden Tea Party” is a series of works that grew over time – quite literally. The works focus on the fragile beauty of nature and growth over time, combining the two fragile forms of fine china and delicate foliage. … Continue reading

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‘Alice’ – Wonderland series

Alice in Wonderland is an all time favourite story of mine and one I hold close to my heart. It reminds me of childhood, adventures and the powerful tool of imagination and that of my own. I wanted to capture … Continue reading

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Birds and The Seams

‘Birds and The Seams’ explores the delicate nature of flora and fauna adapting to its surroundings and its dominance over time. Dainty insects and woodland creatures are depicted in a world of displaced antiques that are completely overgrown and entwined … Continue reading

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