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    Creative Process

    After going through my studio, I realised I have neglected a few pieces to the point where I completely forgot they existed… eek! It got me thinking of my creative process and how I work. I also made a quick note of the ones found hidden in journals and to come back to them at some stage!

    Every artist is different and everyone works differently. I tend to have a few pieces on the go at once. Currently I have five that I have started, halfway through or near competition. I don’t generally have that many in motion at once, usually one or two. But lately I find my hands cannot keep up with my mind! So much so that my journals are usually full of more notes and scribbles of ideas rather then actual drawings. It’s a great way for me to clear the clutter from my mind as my imagination wanders.

    It also allows me to be a bit more strategic with ideas, critically analysing elements to determined whether or not they work within a piece or to simply let it be. Perhaps coming back to that idea later on, add to it or use it for a different piece entirely. I have since created an inspiration book to assist with this process, something I’ll touch on in more detail another time.



    Deciding which piece to work on is very determined by my mood and which one I’m drawn to in the present moment. I could be nearly finished a piece and simply not feel it that day. Which is important to me, not only because I know I’ll be able to draw better once in that zone, but also so that the piece isn’t forced and grows naturally. I cannot work on a piece unless my heart is fully in it.


    This is the reason you may find me constantly changing between drawings. I’m working on the piece that’s sings out to me the most and it feels right. I don’t necessarily think it’s a bad thing… I believe it’s preventing the piece from becoming stale and forced. Allowing myself to work on it with a fresh set of eyes. That’s just what works for me.

    If you’d like to take a glimpse at some of the pieces I’ve been working on recently, you’re welcome to pop on over to my Instagram or Tumblr feed that has all my works in progress and a few behind the scenes images! Hope you enjoy!

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    The Garden Tea Party

    Tea for Two
    “The Garden Tea Party” is a series of works that grew over time – quite literally. The works focus on the fragile beauty of nature and growth over time, combining the two fragile forms of fine china and delicate foliage. The teacups and teapots are seen displaced and neglected in the wilderness, completely overgrown and entwined in foliage.

    [Above: ‘Tea for Two’ – Third Edition to the series]

    Green Tea
    [‘Green Tea’ – Forth Edition to the series]
    [‘Overgrown Teapot’ – Second Edition to the series]
    [‘Tea Time’ – First Edition to the series]

    It all started with the first edition to the series”Tea Time” At the time my vintage teacup collection was growing, finding the most intricate pieces of Victorian fine china. I was drawn to floral patterns and combining this with living flora.

    “The camellia tea plant grows from the teacup and forms a seed of new life.”



    I initially manipulated the structure of the teacups – starting with the delicate handles transforming from object to growth. The teacups and teapots are depicted with cracks and chips revealing there weathered and worn state, highlighting their vulnerability of the abandoned fine china against natural elements.



    The foliage is seen adapting to its surroundings with growths breaking out from the constraints of the structural form – surviving and overtaking the unfamiliar objects.

  • Blog,  Wonderland

    ‘Alice’ – Wonderland series

    IMG_2280Alice in Wonderland is an all time favourite story of mine and one I hold close to my heart. It reminds me of childhood, adventures and the powerful tool of imagination and that of my own. I wanted to capture the magical world of wonderland – a world full of clocks, teacups, giant mushrooms and peculiar creatures.



    Being very influenced by the Disney films and their version of the novels – I wanted to create my own take on it. Conveying Alice a little older and more estranged to the common world. Her hair appearing a little untamed in a messy braid and big pink bow, though still in proper dress for the tea party. She sits upon a giant mushroom with a dazed expression as she balances a teacup on her head, a teapot in one hand and key in the other. Not at all concerned by her surroundings as her curious animal friends lurk behind her, for the white rabbit will show her the way.

    “Everything is out of the ordinary and nothing appears as it should”

    [‘Alice’ – Finalised piece. Graphite and coloured pencil]

  • Birds and the Seams,  Blog

    Birds and The Seams

    ‘Birds and The Seams’ explores the delicate nature of flora and fauna adapting to its surroundings and its dominance over time. Dainty insects and woodland creatures are depicted in a world of displaced antiques that are completely overgrown and entwined in foliage. As time passes, the dominance of the foliage grows and accumulates the abandoned antique objects, creating a completely new environment for nature to thrive on.

    The concept was derived from previous explorations of overgrown foliage accumulating antique objects seen in ‘The Garden Tea Party’ series. The concept explores the barriers between nature and a manufactured world. Addressing themes of displacement and neglect that question realities and values.

    The architectural form of the human body is suggested in a stiff, dismantled structure that has been damaged and worn over time. The fragile form of the mannequin is tested against the growths of foliage, suggesting the constant struggle of nature against man kinds impact. The vegetation has adapted to its surroundings to survive, creating new life and moving towards a new world of ethereal wilderness and beauty.

    The piece was inspired by current environmental issues and the human footprint on our surroundings.


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    We’re Open!!!


    Now taking online orders – StaceyMareeArt.etsy.com

    In celebration of a successful move interstate to Melbourne, Victoria, and with all the end of financial year sales in the air, I too will be having a sale!

    20% OFF STOREWIDE!!! Use code: 20OFF
    Limited time only – Offer ends 1st July 2015

    Happy Shopping!

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    Moving Interstate – Online Shop Closure

    I’ve relocated interstate to Melbourne, Victoria! Currently in the process of moving, therefore my online shop will be closed during this period. I will be unable to receive and post out orders while stock is transferred into storage.

    Shop will reopen at earliest convenience. Please check news announcements for updates. Apologies for any inconvenience, for all enquiries please contact me via email – staceymaree@mail.com


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    Online Shop is Now Open!



    I’m back from my Europe travels and have reopened my Etsy store! YAY! You’ll find some pretty frames, prints and crochet flowers

    I have some big plans ahead and therefore will be taking time off to work on my own stuff for a while. I will only be taking orders and selling existing artwork for the time being. This means I won’t be taking on any commission based work, however will accept requests Thank you!

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    Online Shop Closure – Travelling to Europe!

    Au revoir! I’m off to travel the UK and Europe!!!  Therefore will be closing down my online shop for the rest of the year!

    You still have a bit of time though to make those last minute purchases! Official closing date is Monday April 14th. I will not be taking any more orders or commissions past this date. Business will reopen at the end of the year Dec 2014.

    I’ll still be sharing all of my creations throughout my travels with you!… anywhere from cute little cafés in Paris to central parks in London. Ill still be reachable via Facebook and email, however expect delays.

    Thanks! And happy shopping!